Who are we ? CIERL

The Observatory of Religion and Secularism is a project of the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Religions and Secularism (CIERL), a major Center of Research and Education at the University of Brussels. With dozens of top researchers specializing in religion and free thought, the CIERL is an internationally recognized Research Center in this field. It is accredited by the National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS) as one of the ten reference laboratories in the Humanities within French Speaking Belgium.

The CIERL gathers in a multidisciplinary perspective historians, anthropologists, philosophers, art historians, philologists..., promoting basic and applied research as well as expertise and reflection. It organizes seminars and international conferences, publishes an internationally known journal (Problèmes d’Histoire des Religions), a review that echoes research conducted within it  (Le Figuier), and the series Spiritualités et Pensées Libres published by the Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles.

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